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Red Poppies, 9 x 12 inch small oil painting by K. Joann RussellSmall Paintings

watercolor paintings, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, of colorful garden flowers, sunflowers, landscapes, seascapes. Fine art original paintings less than 10" on the longest side by artist K. Joann Russell.

Original hand painted greeting cards and small abstract paintings occupy a separate page. 

Art for Your Decor

Brighten your decor with a small painting for that small wall space, a small painting in a wide frame or a collection of small paintings displayed on an entire wall to provide a large wall of art as a decorating focal point.

Start Collecting Art Meaningful for You

Purchase small paintings or prints until you're more comfortable with what you really like and with what resources are available to you.  Start small to collect art to encourage yourself in your art selections.  Read the comments of collectors of Joann's art. Several years ago Art Business News magazine interviewed Joann and other artists and dealers about their collectors of small paintings. 

Click on an image to view the larger photo of the painting, details about the painting, plus purchasing and shipping information. For more information on privacy policy and purchasing options please see the contact page.

Joann's fine art prints catalog  


"Santiam River - Summer"
5 x 7" oil

"Bowing Sunflowers"
8 x 10" oil

"Little North Fork River"
5 x 7" oil


"Mountain Runoff"
5 x 7" oil

"High Tide Surf"
5 x 7" oil

"Small Farms"
5 x 7" oil

"Looking Up Sunflower"
10 x 8" oil


"Morning Tide Going Out"
5 x 7" watercolor


"Beach Cove"
5 x 7" watercolor



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